Coregasm Workout

Fun core exercises that may turn you on

Guys who experience coregasm, and those who want to achieve it can now enjoy a workout with ab exercises that may trigger sexual feelings.

Coregasm Workout is a new fitness video series featuring core exercises that may cause some people to get off or feel sexual pleasure.

It is based on scienftic research and was designed to make it fun and easy for couples to use sex-based workouts to reach their fitness goals and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle.

Sexercise science

A coregasm is an orgasm that happens during exercises that involve the core abdominal muscles. It has been reported in the media for years, but was never the focus of sexual health research. However, a study by Dr. Debby Herbenick and her team at Indiana University found that the coregasm is a real phenomenon.

The researchers found that women reported that activities such as climbing, yoga, running, and lifting weights triggered orgasms (Herbenick & Fortenberry, 2012). Biking/spinning and abdominal exercises also induced sexual pleasure (but no orgasm) for some women (Herbenick & Fortenberry, 2012).

Approximately 10 percent of men have had a coregasm, according to Dr. Herbenick in an interview published in Men’s Health Magazine.

Coregasm Workout moves such as the plank and leg raise engage the abdominal muscles, which wrap around the entire torso.

Every Coregasm video features different core strengthening exercises, and we will be adding a new ab workout for men every month.

All you need to do is stream a video to your favorite device, then follow along and have fun.

Coregasm Workout benefits

Along with improvements in breathing, mobility, and abdominal strength (Cavaggioni et al., 2015), other benefits of a Coregasm Workout include:

Flex Your Sex

Core workouts such as the plank and bridge may trigger orgasms or sexual pleasure by targeting the abdominal muscles.

Some men and women experience coregasm, and it can happen often. Among women who reported having orgasm or sexual pleasure during exercise, 40 percent said it happened on more than 10 occasions (Herbenick & Fortenberry, 2012).

Sexual pleasure from a Coregasm Workout could ignite a passionate sex romp and burn even more calories.

Sexual intercourse burns between 69 to 100 calories in a half hour. It is more fun than exercise outside the bedroom and sex can count as another workout option in a couple’s fitness plan for a healthy lifestyle (Frappier et al., 2013).

Better Together

Most fitness programs are not part of a regular routine and are usually designed for individuals, so people often exercise alone.

Working out with your partner is a necessary part of the Sexercise lifestyle. Pairing up outside the bedroom helps motivate both of you to stay active and take part in regular physical activity, which has been shown to ramp up libido and lead to better sex (Raglin & Wallace, 1995; Essomba et al., 2016).

Coregasm Workout makes it easy for couples to work as a team and channel sexual pleasure they feel into passionate bedroom workout.

Feel-Good Sexercise

Exercise can feel like a drag when your heart pounds and you are ‘out of breath’, but orgasm and sexual pleasure can make Coregasm Workout feel good.

Look Good Naked

A recent study found moderate to high intensity strength exercises such as push-ups and squats (as well as exercises like the plank, bridge that target the abs) can burn off fat to improve body composition in 12 weeks (Lee & Kang, 2016).


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